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ReImagine Speech and Language Therapy, PLLC stands above other companies for our unique access to services through traditional "table-top" therapy services and Telepractice services in both California and Northern Texas.

Chelsea Roberts, owner and founder, worked many years as a home health speech therapist in a rural area specializing in rehabilitation services.  Many patients' lived 30 minutes to two hours outside of the nearest metroplex, limiting their access to services.  After observing patients miss out on services that were needed, Roberts became intrigued with the idea of telemedicine. 

Patients are given the opportunity to complete speech therapy from the comfort of their own homes with a certified and licensed Speech and Language Pathologist. Upon your initial referral to ReImagine Speech, patients will complete a thorough evaluation to determine their specific speech and language needs. A therapy plan will be developed with recommended treatment goals and length of services. Patients will complete speech therapy sessions with a licensed speech therapist through a secure video conferencing service.  All treatment sessions will be held to the highest standards abiding by national and state regulations.  American Speech and Hearing Association (ASHA) and HIPAA privacy regulations are actively enforced.

Currently, ReImagine Speech is providing services to patients that live in CaliforniaNorthern Texas and South Dakota through Telehealth practice.

To schedule an appointment, please call: (214) 994-7920 or complete the form under the contact tab. 

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