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Also referred to as Telehealth, Telerehab, Telespeech and Teletherapy 

What does Telepractice look like? 

Telepractice is an innovative platform for conducting medical services.  Telespeech was introduced in 2005 and has grown in popularity and its success since.  As the nation continues to change into a technologically-savvy world, medical practices are changing as well.  Many medical practitioners are beginning to consult with patients long distance. Telepractice is a delivery model in which speech therapy services are provided.  Two recent studies showed that 55% of patients are wanting to communicate through email/technology with their medical team and that the annual global telemedicine growth is 18.6%.  Here at ReImagine Speech and Language Therapy, we use a secure video conferencing system to conduct therapy.  Patients will have a scheduled therapy appointment that they log into and meet with their speech therapist.  Therapy is conducted in real time with the ability to also record sessions and submit to your therapist as part of your home program.  Just like in a traditional "table-top" speech therapy setting, your speech therapist, will work with you regarding specific goals for your communication needs.  

Benefits of Telepractice with ReImagine Speech Therapy

For clinical studies and peer-reviewed articles regarding the benefits of Telepractice please see the Resources tab. 

  • No facility overhead so we are able to keep our costs down which means lower priced evaluations and therapy sessions for our patients!
  • Increases our productivity which means more time for our patients.
  • Clinically proven to be an effective and successful service delivery model for speech therapy.  
  • Allows patients to access services in a more timely manner
  • Easier access to services for patients that are medically homebound, out of city lines, moms with young children, etc...
  • And let's face it, it means no more fighting traffic for you and getting to wear your pajamas to therapy! 

Are all patients eligible for Telepractice services?

No, each patient requires a full assessment to determine his or her current speech and language needs and ability to complete services through telecommunications.  Most patients are appropriate for telepractice but may require a "facilitator" or "e-Helper" to be present during the session.  A facilitator assists the patient with logging onto the site and assists with some actions that may be required.  A facilitator does not need to be licensed and is commonly a family member, teacher or parent.  For a checklist of skills a facilitator will gain during this process please refer to the handout under the Resources tab.

Texas Residents 

Currently, Texas state law requires that the initial speech and language evaluation be conducted in person to verify the patient will be able to tolerate Telepractice delivery.  Initial evaluations through ReImagine Speech Therapy will usually be held at the patient's home, however, a neutral location may be suggested.  Depending on the patient's location, in-home therapy services may also be considered. 

California Residents

California state law does not require any on-site evaluation to be completed, however, all California residents will be assessed through Telepractice to verify they will benefit from this service model prior to initiating a plan of care.  

*Please visit the ASHA website and ATA website to read additional articles regarding the clinical benefits of Telepractice.