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Additional Services 

Consultation or Second opinion only

Many families may need an initial evaluation to qualify their child for services with their local school districts, complete paperwork for an adoption or foster care or for services provided by the state.  Others may need or want a second opinion regarding a previous speech and language evaluation or diagnosis from a physician.  ReImagine provides patients with formal testing, a copy of the full report and recommended speech and language goals without further commitment required.  Most speech and language evaluations start at $400 and go up to $900, however, we feel that is too much for most families to afford thus our evaluations average $250.  

School Therapy Support 

Many children receive speech therapy through their local school districts to address their speech and language needs.  School district services frequently are overloaded leaving your child with gaps in their therapy.  Our team at ReImagine can partner with your child's school speech therapist and develop a complimentary program to provide the extra support your child may be lacking. For homeschool children, please contact us to make sure your little ones are not being left behind. 

Summer Services

As school lets out during summer, many children will regress without regular speech therapy services.  To prevent the typical "summer regression," our therapists can review your child's IEP/ARD goals and develop a summer program until school starts again in the fall.

Sign Language Classes

American Sign Language, ASL, is a beautiful language that can provide patients with an additional form of communication.  Many therapy sessions may include ASL as a therapy tool to reach patient goals.  For families that are wanting to add ASL into their homes or use "baby signs" these classes are designed for you.  Classes are offered in 30 minute sessions, once a week for approximately 4 weeks depending on your goals.